About Us

We are a full service wholesale supplier for premium used passenger trucks, SUVs, and commercial tucks/vans for dealers in the USA. Our units are a wash and mechanical inspection away from your front line. Contact Concord Sales and Leasing to see if you’re a qualified purchaser!

All USD Prices Include:

  • Shipping to Detroit or Buffalo (Customers responsibility to transport the vehicle to their respective store upon release)
  • Compliant importing procedure with DOT through registered importers
  • Professional speedometer conversion with full warranty
  • Michigan or New Mexico state title


  • If the vehicle arrives with undisclosed damage or mechanical issues, we compensate in full! Simply email a picture of the damage with the vehicle’s VIN #, an invoice for repairs, and we will send a check in the mail same day! We take the utmost pride in our inventory and reputation!

Please note that we do not sell to dealers within 250 miles of each other. Contact us today to see if you are eligible to purchase from us